Welcome to your professional German NAATI translation service!

Aussie German Translation Services is an Australian language service provider specialising in professional German translations, to and from German. The translations we deliver are certified and can be used for official purposes because they are created by German translators with NAATI accreditation (“Professional” level, formerly called “NAATI Level 3”).

It doesn’t matter whether you require an English or German legal translation of personal documents such as birth certificates, driver licences, police checks or uni documents, or whether you are after business documents including legal, medical or marketing translations – we have specialised German NAATI translators in each area.

We offer very competitive prices due to our streamlined processes and the commitment of our team. Simply take a scan or photo of your documents and send us an email; we will quickly reply with a free quote and explain the next steps. The whole process is quite simple, as we want you to have a straightforward experience with a great result: a professional German translation.

Our English or German NAATI translations all undergo a proofreading process, and will be typeset and presented in a neat and tidy way. We never use machine translation!

Each German translator is NAATI-accredited and/or an experienced professional.We employ only the very best, and value constant further development and training in language skills. Their native language is either English or German, and some have extensive experience in other languages.

Customer satisfaction rate
Enquiries responded to within one hour
Professional German translations accepted by the DIBP
NAATI-certified translation

German NAATI translation services: personal documents

To ensure that you can use a translation for official purposes such as visa, passport, divorce, or citizenship applications, Australian authorities require the translator to hold current NAATI translator accreditation. The result is what is often called a “NAATI certified translation”. This is exactly what we do: Our Certified German translations are stamped and signed so that they are accepted by all Australian authorities.

  • Birth certificates
  • Police checks
  • Driver licences
  • Educational documents (such as university or school transcripts)
  • Employment references
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Family books
  • Change-of-name certificates
  • Electricity bills
  • Bank statements
  • Confirmations of residence
  • Personal letters

German NAATI translation services: business documents

Our bilingual experts make sure that your valuable message is not lost in translation. Whether you need a certified German translation for marketing, legal, or financial purposes – we’re here to help. Since our translations are done by NAATI accredited German translators, you can use them in court as well if needed.

  • Communication, including emails, letters, reports
  • Brochures, magazines, flyers
  • Websites
  • Advertisement
  • Statements, statistics
  • Patents, legal documents
  • Medical documents (for example,for insurance claims)
  • Conference, exhibition and meeting materials
  • Training, contract and export materials

Our German NAATI translators

Our German NAATI translators are ambitious professionals with years and years of experience. Their first language is either German or English, and many have extensive experience in other languages; for example, from long-term stays abroad, or marriage to a partner with a different language background. Our certified German translators continuously advance their skills and broaden their knowledge in all areas of translation, including personal documents (for example, visas for immigration purposes), business documents, medical translations, or legal translations. To ensure that we continue to provide the highest-quality translations we attend seminars, training courses, conferences and lectures, and collaborate with other businesses and associations in the industry. This is also part of the NAATI translator revalidation process and implicitly part of the AUSIT Code of Ethics for professional translators, which we comply with. We have a great team that values open communication, respect, partnership and integrity.

Our goals when taking care of your translations

Our professional German translation service and our specialization in German legal translations is to provide good, affordable translations –quickly and simply. Life is complicated, and we aim to offer a smooth service that is transparent and free of obstacles. All communication can be done via email, but we also offer a friendly phone service. We want to connect people with English and German-speaking backgrounds, and overcome language barriers. We want to help in speeding up visa processes and business relations, and gaining access to information in English and German. Our seamless one-stop approach also includes consultation, design and typesetting as required.

Quality Management

Leaning on ISO 17100:2015, our proven and tested processes ensure that your German or English documents are handled professionally and that you receive a high-end translation. Specifically, we have processes in place to

  • make sure that your information is only shared with the team members involved in the translation process;
  • ensure consistency across your documents;
  • consider preferred terminology, if any;
  • use apps such as SDL Trados, Memsource, etc. if needed.

Our German translation philosophy in keywords

  • Seamless, one-stop approach (translations, proofreading, typesetting)
  • Quality without compromise (NAATI accreditation, AUSIT Code of Ethics, quality management)
  • Customer-oriented service (7-day service beyond business hours)
  • Quick, simple and efficient (contact us via live chat, email or phone)
  • Transparent and smooth approach (also check out our public reviews)