One of the biggest events of modern times is the willingness to visit other cultures, whether for business or vacation purposes. With this comes the challenges of handling the many and varied languages that are spoken throughout the world. As a result of this, the demand for translators and translation services has grown considerably.


Languages & Translation

Translations are used on websites to market products and to describe the features of different countries and their highlights so that visitors have some background knowledge before jetting their way to a new country. Useful translations by skilled translators offer the chance for businesses to see what other countries are like before they invest in promoting their products to these overseas markets.

Here are some Interesting Facts about Translation and some Interesting Facts about Languages

● 30th September is set aside for translators as their annual anniversary
● Translators are such hard workers that they translate on average 750,000 words every year
● The most common languages that are translated all the time are English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese
● Translation means transferring from one place to another
● Professional translating isn’t one of the most popular professions at 0.005% of the world’s population
● Some countries like Australia have professional bodies that offer accreditation for both interpreters and translators.  In Australia, this is called NAAT
● Overall the text that has had the most translations is the Bible with stories like Pinocchio and Harry Potter attracting a lot of translations too
● Spanish is considered to be the easiest language to translate
● The Chinese language is seen as the hardest to learn, followed closely by Vietnamese and Arabic
● Braille is the way used for translating languages for those who are deaf and in Australia, this is called Australian Sign Language, or Auslan
● It has been alleged that the first translation took place in 300BC and that was translating the Old Testament into Greek

What makes interesting facts about translation and interesting facts about languages are the three well-known authors have had the most translations. The highest is for Agatha Christie who has a whopping 7,233 translations to her name, while Jules Verne has 4,751 translations and thirdly, William Shakespeare has accumulated 4,293 translations.