Every day there are more resources for German language learning being loaded onto the internet. The latest are the best resources to learn German online.

Resources for German Language Learning

Language Hacking Authored by Benny Lewis

The Language Hacking resource used to learn German online tells you what you really need to learn and what you can omit. It doesn’t concentrate on the smaller details but it teaches you the phrases that are the most versatile and ways you can take shortcuts so that you gain better language ability in German via the fastest route.

German for Beginners by André Klein

André Klein gives learners inspiration by offering the easy way to learn German.  He uses such tools as short stories for beginners. His book range is related to specific cities like Zurück in Zürich and Walzer in Wien. He also includes detective and fantasy stories with some inspiring interactive content. The stories come across as quite simple but don’t get boring. If you haven’t spent much time in German-speaking cities then you will gain some cultural knowledge of these places from Klein’s books.

German Grammar Explanations That Make Sense

This course resource for German language learning is the 1st of 2 online courses based on getting fluent for German learners. This course helps beginners by providing in English simple explanations. The course explains the role of each part of a sentence. This resource is perfect for those who want to learn German on their own and really understand the language with the aim to become fluent.

Fluent’s Pronunciation Master Class

This is a course which uses multi-media which helps in learning to speak German correctly. It intends to teach you:

  • the sounds of  German words;
  • how to pronounce all word using a German accent;
  • how to get to understand easily native speakers,

Smarter German

This is a learn German online programme that links to your native language. Michael the founder sees the connection as an important learner’s tool. Smarter German offers learning packages that try to get you to progress from the A1 to B1 level in just 3 months, or it offers custom packages for students who are working at different levels. It claims a 97 percent chance of passing the B1 exam after completing the course. It includes 2 hours of homework every day, a 1 to 1 Skype session, online-support 24/7, and 13 lessons of 45 minutes duration each.

Deutsche Welle

This is a free news site that provides global news articles which include podcasts, resources to learn German online and support for teaching German as well as learning the language. The materials on the website are ideal for studying together, and all of it is FREE.