If you need any translations done it is vital you choose a translation company that fits your requirements as you want the translation of your brand to be translated accurately.

Translation Agency

The reputation of your business relies on high-quality translated written marketing materials, like product brochures, company newsletters, video presentations, and your company’s website.

Here are some important features of a good translation company:

1. Know your requirements

When promotional materials need to be translated you will be seeking a translation agency to convey precisely the advantages of your product so that viewers will take action to buy the product. In order for a translation agency to do this, it will need to know exactly what you want so it is able to accurately express the central core of your message.

2. Find out about the agency first

To ensure accurate translations you should try to find out what sort of methods a translation agency uses. Some get help from computerized software using computer-assisted translation (CAT) which is translation memory and a glossary/terminology management system that helps to do the translation work. This works well with some simple translations which don’t require a high degree of accuracy. But for better accuracy, it is preferable to have translations that are completed by a human translator and in particular one who specialises in your business’s terminology such as specialised business, medical or legal.

3. Quality of work

You should ask your preferred translation agency what quality control methods they use and whether they use editors to go through the translated work before its released to the customer.

4. Specialised translation fields

You should expect the translation agency you have chosen to have translators with expertise that fits your business area. For example, if you are in the medical devices industry your chosen translation agency should have expertise in translating complex medical documents.

5. Speed of delivery

Decide whether you have a deadline for the completion of your translations and find out if your chosen translation agency can reach that deadline. Sometimes translators work in a different time zone from that of their agency. This makes it harder to complete a translation to a deadline.

6. Confidentiality rules

Confidentiality is often overlooked but you can check with the agency first by asking it if it has signed a confidentiality agreement with each editor and translator it works with. Also, check whether the translation agency and its translators have signed any nondisclosure agreements for a particular project.

7. Quality of customer service

When you are discussing your translation requirements with your chosen provider try to ask them about their services. One important issue is assuring that the same translator is responsible for meeting your translation requirements. This will mean the voice and tone of your translated written materials are more likely to be consistent.

There are many translation agencies in Australia that are available online, so it can be quite difficult to choose the right one to suit your requirements.