What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or expression placed in front of a keyword with its main purpose being to connect individuals with those that are engaged in a conversation concerning the same topic. Definition: The # symbol, is referred to as a hashtag and is used to mark topics or keywords embedded in a Tweet.

Translation Industry Hashtags

It was initially created by users of Twitter as a method used for categorizing messages. Hashtags are used to keep people up-to-date with the topic they are interested in. To be honest 24 hours a day is insufficient to get all work done as well as keeping oneself updated when it comes to industry news in particular. Hashtags can be done in a certain way such as including a hashtag in a message as this will elevate its exposure by making it seen by others who have shown an interest in the subject matter. This reaching out can go beyond your current followers and may even add to your follower numbers if they are interested in hearing more about what you’ve got to say.

Our world is in news overflow and we can access a huge amount of information at our fingertips without trying too hard. If you are interested in a specific topic you are able to search using a relevant hashtag which will reveal the most current discussions concerning your topic of interest. For example, if you search #translation, you will be exposed to any other tweets who are involved with discussing translation industry trends.

The term #translation is not the only hashtag in the translation industry as there are many others as follows in the list below:













These ‘coded’ hashtags are far more popular, as it’s only those who work in the translation industry who will know they exist. However, it’s important to keep a keen lookout as hashtags do change as trends do. Social networks are the best way to keep on top of the latest hashtags for the translation industry as this is the prime way today that people share vital information about just about anything including in the translation world.