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Why You a Need Birth Certificate Translation

A birth certificate is a legal document that stays with you throughout your life. It’s the one document you may use to prove who you are and where you were born. If you move overseas to work and live in another country, you will need to show your birth certificate to the immigration officials who process your application. Most countries will insist that you have your birth certificate translated into the language of your host country.

If you are German and you intend to move to Australia, you will need a German birth certificate translation to satisfy the immigration agency that you are who you say you are. If you don’t get your German birth certificate translated into English, it’s likely that your application to migrate to Australia will be held up or rejected until you provide the translation. This may apply to other situations such as enrolling your child in a school, where it’s essential for the school administration to understand the details of your child in the school’s language.

Health authorities and tax authorities require proof of your name and date of birth. They will also ask for translations into their language so that they know who you are and where you were born. Sometimes a passport will suffice, but often official bodies ask for more than one piece of identification in a language they can understand. That’s why, if you are German, you will need to have your German birth certificate translated into English before it can be used to identify you for official purposes in an English-speaking country.

We Provide German-English Birth Certificate Translations

The process of having a birth certificate translated in Australia for presentation to the authorities is to get a NAATI-certified birth certificate translation. NAATI is the acronym for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. It’s the translation body that provides certification to translators who have passed exams in their pair of languages. Once a translator from a birth certificate translation service has completed the NAATI certification process, anyone wanting a translator can depend on this accredited NAATI translator to do a high-quality translation.

Many agencies require that the birth certificate translation has been certified by the NAATI birth certificate translation service before it can be accepted as a valid form of ID. Our NAATI-certified translators are willing to offer this service as they have faith in themselves to provide an accurate translation. Once the translation from German to English has been completed, the translator will prepare a signed statement to say the translation is, to the best of their professional knowledge, accurate.

One of the things you always have to remember when providing information to official agencies is to provide a birth certificate translation.

The types of agencies in Australia that may want a NAATI Translation of your Birth Certificate could include any of the following:

  • The Australian Taxation Office (ATO);
  • The Department of Home Affairs, for visas and immigration;
  • The Australian government’s Department of Health;
  • The state health departments of NSW, SA, VIC, NT, and QLD;
  • Medicare;
  • Private health insurance providers;
  • State government departments, for driving licences;
  • State education departments;
  • Schools, colleges and universities.

These departments won’t provide services to you unless you have had your birth certificate translated to NAATI standards by a NAATI-accredited translator.

How to find a German–English Translator for your Birth Certificate Translation

German is spoken by quite a large number of naturalised Australians so it’s not too hard to find a translator who is qualified to translate a birth certificate from German into English and has also been accredited by NAATI to provide a translation suitable for official Australian agencies.

Why Get a NAATI-Certified Birth Certificate Translation

If you get your translation certified by an accredited NAATI translator, you won’t have to worry about your German birth certificate translation being rejected. Most agencies in Australia accept a translation of a German birth certificate into English if it was completed by a NAATI-certified translator who is prepared to sign the translation to say that it is accurate. The certification is an important proof of who you are, where you are from, and how old you are. This is how important a birth certificate is when you want to migrate to another country and access its services.

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