Business Document Translation

Business Document Translation

Translation of Business Document

We regularly translate business documents in a broad range of industries. The most common documents are websites, marketing material such as brochures and flyers, journalistic content, and reports. However, we have experience is most areas, and experts with the technical vocabulary and experience in all industries. If we come across specialised terms, we like to liaise with colleagues to discuss individual terms. We value confidentiality, and are committed to never revealingthe content of a document outside our work.

We enjoy a challenge, and have a 99.5% success rate in our previous business-document projects. We are proud of our great relationships with previous clients, and always go the extra mile to ensure we can welcome them again for further projects. We don’t take shortcuts, but follow a safe three-step procedure that includes free proofreading by a second translator to ensure that your documents are of the highest quality.

We can accommodate large volumes in a short time, and have completed several extremely voluminous jobs in the past. This includes an extensive number of legal documents, as well as medical reports – both types of documents with highly specialised technical language.

Typical Documents We Translate

  • Manuals
  • Press releases
  • Websites
  • Contracts
  • Patents
  • Brochures
  • Lawsuits
  • Advertisements

Quality Management

At AGT, we have a range of checks and balances in place to minimize the occurrence of translation errors and ensure consistency across documents:

  • Each document is reviewed by an independent quality controller and checked with a defined procedure,
    which involves a line-by-line comparison of the source and target document.
  • Independent proofreading by a 2nd translator is available as an extra option.
  • We consult external experts if additional support is needed with certain terminology.

The selection of the right translator is another quality feature worth mentioning: Since AGT employs a team of German translators, we can choose the one whose experience best matches your documents. Legal, medical, technical, or migration translations all have their characteristics and require a translator with experience in this field.

Other Services

In addition to German English translation services, we offer a range of value-added services:

  • Proofreading
  • Copyrighting
  • Multilingual typesetting
  • Live interpreting
  • Expert witness services


The fee for a translation depends on the complexity of the text and document as well as the volume and required time frame. As a guideline, expect between $20 and $30 per 100 words. Please use the contact form on this website to upload your documents so that we can provide you with a free and confidential proposal today.


Business clients automatically have a 7-day account with us, and no paperwork is required on our end. Just place your order by email, and we will send you an invoice together with your translation. An easy, time-saving and thoroughly customer friendly billing process.

German Translation Case Studies

Translation of a website, including advertisements
A graphic design studio approached us with a request to translate a website and several advertisements for a client. The website contained a dozen sub-pages, with an overall count of approximately 8,000 words. We assigned this project to a translator with a background in ad copy to ensure we struck the right chord. The translation was proofread and back-translated, and the client was very happy with the result. A month later he ordered the translation of a smaller project with us, this time for translation of blog content.

Translation of employment contracts
A medium-sized textile company approached us to translate numerous employment contracts. The employment contracts were wordy, technical and partly handwritten. Some of them were hardly legible scans. However, we finished the project on time and to the utmost satisfaction of our client.

Translation of documents relating to a legal dispute
We were approached by a law firm that required extensive documentation for a legal dispute to be translated. Their client represented a large company suing a smaller company for unauthorised access and misappropriation. One of our translators is a true expert in legal matters, and in close collaboration with the law firm delivered a flawless translation.

Translation of medical documents for an insurance claim
We regularly get approached by insurance companies. This client was a German insurance company who required translation of the medical reports of one of their insurance holders who had suffered a severe accident in Australia. Two translators, one very experienced in medical translations and one very good at research of technical terms and abbreviations, worked on the reports and provided the client with a high-quality translation, delivered in record time.

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