Business is operating more and more in a global context with companies of any size operating in other countries apart from their own. The eCommerce sector has been in boom mode where a company maybe based in a single country but it sets itself up to send its products overseas either to individual buyers or to other companies.

Machine Translation Tool

 It’s even becoming quite the norm to trade second hand goods through eBay and other ecommerce sites because anyone can get online to view the product range and even ask questions to the seller about the product. Money back guarantees if the product fails to work or breaks down are offered by these eCommerce sites too. The main issue is whether these eCommerce businesses are stretching further enough afield.

Although English appears to be business’s international language and even to a certain extent the main internet language, there are still many online users who don’t know a word of English.

Data indicates that at least 750 million people who go online speak only Chinese, 200 million speak Spanish, and Japanese, Arabic, and many other language speakers are online too.

Online Translations Are On The Increase

  • Many smaller companies think they can fill the language gap by using online free machine translation tools.
  • Google has stated that 200 million people annually take advantage of their machine translation translator.

The Pitfalls Of Online Translations

Google translate only does word for word translations that make a text seem disjointed. A business or online browser on your website isn’t going to be pushed into buying your product if it is described in a disjointed fashion. It doesn’t sound genuine and can lead to confusion.

Additionally industry terminology is unknown to machine translation tools so translations done using these methods can complicate understanding when it comes to marketing technology and engineering while legal documents could contain faulty information that if used for contracts with business partners could lead to misunderstandings that could lead to costly court cases. A professional translator knows how to link up clients to businesses as he or she knows the precise terminology used in particular industries.

Sentence structure is important to fully understand a document and a human translator will rearrange sentences so that the writing is correct and flows. Machine translation doesn’t know how to do this.

One of the most significant problems with a free machine translation is it’s often too simple and can’t stretch its knowledge of vocabulary far enough to produce any well translated document.