One of the biggest changes in the world today is in the business arena. More and more businesses are severing their business roots in their home communities and setting up shop in countries around the world where there are cheaper conditions for setting up a business. However, it’s not quite as simple as just packing up and going to another country.

Document Translation

If it was planes would be packed with people seeking new lives. There is an awful lot of paperwork to do before a business can put its roots down firmly in another country. Any documents that are not in your host country’s language will need to be translated and presented to the relevant authority. The importance of document translation can’t be over emphasised.

For a start the following document translation will be required:

  • Company annual report
  • Business plan
  • Environmental plan
  • Workers’ protection plan
  • Purchase or lease of property documents.

Many countries aren’t as cheap as they used to be when setting up a new business. You will have to ensure you have abided by all the host country’s laws in terms of payment of minimum wages, taking out insurance to cover employee injuries or ill health and installing pollution containment measures. Any documentation written in your native language will have to be translated into your host country’s language. Any technical documents will attract higher translation costs when they require a document translation because it is important a reputable translator is chosen to do the translation.

What you can’t afford to do is choose a cheap translator or even think you can get away with using an online translation tool such as Google translate. Neither of these options are likely to produce a translation that is good enough to be understood by your target audience.

The Importance of Document Translation

Whatever your reason for going overseas it’s important to get all your official documents translated into the language of your host country. Immigration authorities will require your personal documents like your birth certificate to be translated from the language of your native country to the language of the country you intend to open a business or work.