There is a visa available in Australia called the Independent ELICOS Sector Visa Subclass 570. It permits International students to reside in the country so that they are able to study for the certificate called English Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).  The Subclass 570 Visa is valid for a number of courses.
ELICOS Sector Visa Subclass 570

How to Qualify for the Visa

The applicant has to fulfill certain eligibility ELICOS visa requirements before applying for the Independent ELICOS Sector Visa Subclass 570. These are as follows:

  • The applicant is required to possess sufficient funds to pay for services required while in possession of the visa such as travel costs, the cost of accommodation, and living expenses throughout his/her stay in Australia. If a family member intends to accompany the visa holder they need to be dependent financially on the visa holder. 
  • The applicant is required to meet the English Proficiency standards as set by the Australian institution where s/he intends to study. 

The applicant must be medically fit to undertake the course to a standard acceptable by the Australian government. Health and hospital insurance should be purchased which is called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

  • The applicant must leave Australia once the course has been completed and has to be able to prove this intention to Australian officials. 
  • Any prospective student below the age of 18 years must provide parental permission in the form of a signature on the application form before being granted an independent ELICOS Sector Visa Subclass 570. If there is no parent available the student should file a statutory declaration letter that provides permission for the student to reside in Australia or s/he could submit the 1229 Australian form.
  • The student may stay with any relatives over 21 years of age while residing in Australia.

Advantages of the Independent ELICOS Sector Visa Subclass 570

  • The student may study in Australia a country famous for its world-class colleges and universities. 
  • Family members may accompany the visa holder to Australia and remain in the country for the same period as the visa holder.  The spouse and other family members may be able to work for 3 months while his/her wife/husband/partner completes the course.
  • The student has the opportunity to work for 20 hours per week throughout their study time. When on vacation from college the student can work on a full-time basis. 

Facts about ELICOS

If you’re undertaking an ELICOS course in Australia because its completion is required for entering a further course, you should submit an application for the appropriate visa required for this next course. If you intend to study many courses, the chief course is the one that is of the highest level.

For example, if your plan is to complete a 3-month ELICOS before beginning a B.A. you are required to apply for the visa appropriate for higher education. Before filing an application for this type of visa you should be accepted for a full-time course at an Australian educational establishment.

Visa Duration

Once you have the ELICOS student visa (subclass 570), you may study and reside in Australia for the time period of a course that is registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. Throughout this course, you must attend the number of classes required by the course provider and reach a satisfactory standard as you progress through the course. Your education provider has the responsibility to advise the immigration department if you fail to attend classes and your progress is unsatisfactory.