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Are your translations NAATI-certified?

Yes. The translations are done by German NAATI translators with current accreditation, which is commonly called “NAATI certified”.

Do official authorities in Australia accept your translations?

Yes, most authorities do accept our translations, including the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection,which handles immigration requirements such as visas. Our translations are also accepted by Immigration New Zealand, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the UK Border Agency. In the past we have only encountered one exception that you need to be aware of: if you are located in NSW and want to apply for an Australian Driver Licence, our translations will not be accepted.

Can I use your translations for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT)?

Yes, you can. However, we need to know that you are using your documents for this purpose to ensure that we meet all of their requirements.

How much will my translation cost?

The cost of your translation depends on two things: the length of the document and the content. It doesn’t matter whether you require an English to German or a German to English translation – both directions cost the same. We would like to give you the best possible price, and that’s why we would like to see the document first. For example, simple text is much cheaper compared to highly technical documents. Furthermore, some documents contain a lot of numbers, which may make it difficult to do a normal word count; but we will consider this and offer you a lower price. Just email us your documents (photo/scan) and we will quickly reply with a free quote!

How long does it take before I get my translation back?

Our standard turnaround time is three business days – but if it is urgent we can deliver much faster. The quickest time to delivery is usually three hours, but of course this only works for shorter documents (up to five pages). We have several express options to accommodate all levels of urgency and budgets; just ask us for a quote by email – or if it is urgent, give us a call.

What happens if there is a mistake in the translation?

Once in a while mistakes occur. Maybe the document was handwritten, faint, hard to read – or (rarely) the translator simply made a mistake. This happens to even the best of us, but of course we always try our best, and will correct this at no additional cost. We will send you the translation by email, and you will have the opportunity to check and approve it to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your documents. Please note that it happens regularly that clients have preferences – every language can be translated in several ways, and we are always happy to listen to your preferences and/or explain our choices.

Can I pick up my documents in your office?

Usually everything is done by email or telephone. We don’t have a walk-in office anymore.

Can I add content to the translation, or have content changed?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Our certified translators are all obliged to translate the documents so that they reflect the original content. Changes or additions would not mirror the source document, and therefore cannot be made.

Do you do translation of handwritten documents?

We have translated countless handwritten documents in the past, and have some specialists who can read nearly everything. However, we do need to see the documents first to ensure that the content is readable.

My document is very faint and/or hard to read. Is that a problem?

In most cases it should be fine, as we have some experts in deciphering text and languages; and we also can run a text-enhancement program to make your document more readable. However, it is best to send us the document and we will check it out, and do our very best to decipher and understand the content.

Do I need to send you my original documents?

It is sufficient to send us the document by email.Just take a photo (for example, with your mobile phone) or scan the documents. Please ensure that the resolution (image size) is sufficient, and that the documents are not blurred.

Can you send me hard copies of the translation?

Of course we can! Some authorities require hard copies, and we are happy to send you as many copies as you need (cost per set of hard copies)either by express post or regular post (extra fees apply).

Can I check my translation before you send me the hard copies?

Sure – that is part of our standard process. Before we send out any hard copies, we will email you the translation. Sometimes documents are hard to read; sometimes you may have a certain preference for a particular word; and of course, sometimes mistakes happen (we are humans, after all). To ensure that you are completely satisfied, we ask you to look through the translation and give your final approval. Reasonable amendments to your translations are for free.

What about the German umlauts?

The German language contains three Umlaute, namely Ä, Ö and Ü,which are equivalent to AE, OE and UE. If your preference (for example, in your name) is to have an Umlaut translated as single letter, for example Müller -> Muller, this is not a problem at all. If the text contains key words that contain Umlaute, we are also happy to leave a footnote explaining this.
In addition, the German language has a special letter called scharfes s,which is written as”ß”, and is equivalent to “ss”. Our translators usually write “ss” except in certain situations that require the original ß – for example in reference numbers in police checks.

How can I migrate to Australia?

Migration to Australia is tightly regulated and in general overseen and managed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. You can check out their website to find out more visa options available to you, or you can approach a registered migration agent to help you.

Do I need a migration agent?

It depends on your outlook on life: If you like to do things yourself, are not scared of paperwork and have time and patience on your hands, give it a try. We think, however, that the money spent on a professional migration agent is a sensible investment. It usually pays off to use a specialist instead of digging through all this information yourself. But: There is no legal requirement to use an agent. You are free to choose.

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