Australia is a great place to work and live but to be able to work in the country you need to find a suitable job first. Here are some tips to follow when seeking a job;

Job In Australia

Researching the Australian job market 

There are a few skills that are in short supply in Australia and these jobs are easier to get if you are from another country. Some of the most highly sought after skills are in the digital and eCommerce arenas so these are easier to get. Also, willingness to work in a remote area in Australia offers a higher chance of being offered a job.

Some of the most in-demand skills in Australia 2021

The following skills are in short supply in Australia: registered nurses, secondary school teachers, software and applications programmers, electricians, construction managers, carpenters and joiners, metal fitters and machinists, plumbers, motor mechanics, university lecturers and tutors, structural steel and welding trades workers, solicitors, management consultants, general practitioners and resident medical officers, civil engineering professionals, early childhood teachers, painters, industrial, mechanical and production engineers, database and systems administrators and ICT security specialists.

Some jobs require you to already have the right to work in Australia so unless you are a spouse of a migrant or a New Zealander you won’t be able to apply for these jobs. You will need to find an employer who is prepared to sponsor you because it can’t find a local applicant to fill the position. It is only the highly experienced applicants in industries where labour is hard to find that you could expect a transfer from your country where all expenses are paid. 

There are other options if you are young enough and that’s applying for the working holiday visa (subclass 417) which lets young people aged 18 to 30 years and French, Canadian and Irish citizens who are 18 to 35 years old have an extended holiday in Australia where they can work in Australia for 12 months to fund the trip. You don’t need to find a job until you are in the country.

​​​​​​​​If you have found a job that suits your skills which are also in short supply in Australia you must prepare your application thoroughly to give you the best chance of getting the position. You will need to compile your resume and a cover letter introducing yourself and describing your qualifications, skills and why you fit the job description. Your potential Australian employer is unlikely to know much about the employers you have worked for overseas so spending a bit of time explaining the role you played for your employers may increase the chances of winning the position.

Useful websites for finding an Australian job

Some of the best websites which advertise jobs are:

  • CareerOne
  • Mumbrella
  • GlassDoor
  • LinkedIn
  • FlexCareers
  • EthicalJobs
  • Seek
  • Indeed
  • Gumtree
  • GradCareers

The easiest place to find a job in Australia

In 2021, Canberra has been the easiest place to find a vacant position.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures reveal that in the first quarter of 2021 the vacancy numbers grew in every state. In fact, in the ACT there was one job available for every person seeking a job. In Queensland with 53,000 vacancies, there are 153,000 people who make up the unemployed, so there is one job for three people who are searching. It’s always the best thing to do is to apply for jobs in cities or states where there is less competition for available jobs.

Stand out from the rest with the best cover letter

A common error which many job seekers in Australia make is spending far too much time on perfecting resumes while forgetting to add a cover letter when getting ready to submit their job application. A cover letter is often the most underused tool by a job seeker. Understanding how to write the best cover letter is just about as important as the content of the resume.

A cover letter offers the perfect opportunity to specifically summarise what makes you the most attractive applicant for the position you are applying for. It is in this cover letter that you can promote yourself to a potential employer where you can describe what makes you the best fit for both the job and the company. It is the tool you can use to convey your personality and provide the potential employer with some idea about who you really are. It is not just used for showing off your expertise and skills. If you write a cover letter that is not written well this can affect how the job selector will ultimately view the contents of your resume. 

Perfect your resume

You need to ensure every detail in your resume is perfect.  This might just push you a little closer to getting your dream job in Australia. By building an almost perfect resume, you’re basically investing in your future and yourself. A well-constructed resume should help you get an interview. One important point to consider if your native language isn’t English and that is to get your resume proofread by someone with great English language skills, who is also a native speaker. A poorly written resume from an overseas professional may throw doubt on your communication skills.

When submitting your job application, make sure you know about digital platforms that may be used in place of a face to face interview. These include Skype and Google Hangouts.