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Australian language services for individuals, businesses, and authorities with a focus on translations. NAATI-certified translations and professional translations.

Scope of our translation services

Our language services include translations, interpretation services, proofreading, editing, research support, typesetting, and design. Our main service here at AGT Hobart is translations from and into English. We cover most languages worldwide – in fact we collaborate with NAATI-certified and professional translators in about 150 languages. Within these languages we can translate documents from many regional dialects. In addition, we can usually translate hardly legible, antique, handwritten, water-damaged and faded documents – just contact us and we’ll discuss what we can do. We have special techniques, up-to-date technology, and very experienced translators who make the impossible possible.

Are your documents very technical? We have translators with the rarest of specialisations, and have translated for most industries in the past, be they legal, medical, technical, or historical, to give a few examples.

AGT Hobart has a reputation for its high standards and processes – and for its excellent customer service. Did you know that we are available by phone, email, chat, website, and fax? Our responsiveness is second to none, and we reply to most messages within the hour, at any time of the day including on the weekend. There are no public holidays in our calendar – we are there for you 24/7.

Our standard of excellence

AGT Hobart is a specialised translation service offering professional, business, and NAATI-certified translations in a range of fields and industries. We translate for most industries, whether they be legal, medical, government divisions, or businesses – we have seen it all and have found solutions for countless projects over the years. No client is too big or small: We happily translate personal documents for individual clients such as migrants wanting their birth certificate, marriage certificate, an education document, or letters translated or tourists asking for a driver licence translation. And the opposite is true as well: We can cover extensive projects with multiple languages involved and/or hundreds of thousands of words included.

We take our language services serious and constantly work towards improvements and innovations. To this end our quality-management system is stringent, and undergoes regular control processes. Our translators are monitored and screened, and we only work with the best ones. Years of experience, specialisation, and an extraordinary work ethic is what we look for in our translators. Most of them hold a NAATI certification, a qualification that is awarded to translators who have taken and passed an advanced language test. The NAATI certification is a requirement for many translations; for example, for many official purposes.

We don’t take shortcuts at AGT Hobart. Yes, Tasmania is not that big and competition may be limited, but that does not keep us from striving for perfection and from offering outstanding customer service. Our goal is to make our clients so happy that they are 100% satisfied with our product – hoping they come back and recommend us! But of course, it’s not just our reputation that is on stake: We love what we do, and language services, in particular translations, are our passion.

Hobart – a unique Australian city

Anyone who has walked through Battery Point, a historical district immediately south of the central business district, has got a feel for the rich history of Hobart. Did you know that Hobart is the second oldest Australian city, directly after Sydney? Hobart is also home to the oldest synagogue in Australia, built in 1845.

Hobart has a lot to offer, and we from AGT Hobart cannot rave enough about this beautiful city. We just love it! It’s not only a university town but also has a harbour, a botanical garden, and an international airport.

Tasmania is known for its natural beauty, but Hobart is also home to a sporting event that is known worldwide. Every year on Boxing Day, the Sydney–Hobart Regatta takes place – an event not to be missed!

Most of us at AGT Hobart love to eat. At the weekend you may find us at the weekly market on Salamanca Place. We cannot get enough of the buildings around the place – it’s very special.

Not convinced yet? Well, did you know that Hobart served as movie set for “Arctic Blast”?

Hobart is a special place for us, and a multicultural place, too – a town bringing together humans from different countries and continents, all with their different languages, dialects and cultures. It’s perfect for us at AGT Hobart.

AGT: Professional and NAATI translation services in Hobart

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