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Professional translations for individuals, businesses, and authorities in Australia

AGT provides a German document translation service right across the country. Our Sydney team are proud of their efficient workflow and their comprehensive customer service. Our NAATI-certified translators are known for their expertise, eye for detail, and fast turnaround.

AGT Sydney not only offers German to English and English to German NAATI and professional translations; we also provide a range of other language services including interpreting, proofreading, and cultural language consultation for all your communication needs.

Our Sydney team understands that time, costs, quality, and customer service are the four key factors in providing a resoundingly satisfying client experience. Our records and references show that we have established safe and sound language translations systems.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your translation and/or other language service needs. Besides German to English and English to German translations (NAATI or professional translations) we also provide translations in more than 150 languages, including many local dialects.

Our translation expertise

We have seen it all. Being in the industry for over five years, we have come across all common and countless rare documents, and have found suitable solutions for every project. We have handled and translated antique documents, handwritten documents, hardly legible documents, and damaged documents. Our experienced NAATI translators in Sydney and beyond are experts in understanding all types of documents.

We have translated documents for most industries, including legal, medical, technical, official, and business documents. We have handled the most sensitive documents, and value confidentiality.

We have worked with numerous migration agents and have substantial experience in handling and translating documents for visa applications and other official purposes. This includes police checks, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

Or course, no job is too small for us. We provide professional and NAATI-certified translation and language services to private clients. On a daily basis we translate all kinds of personal documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates, education documents, employment references, private documents such as letters, documents for visa applications, and much more.

Our languages

We translate from and into all variants of German (from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Our team always aims to find solutions that are of high quality, fast, and efficient. We work closely with our clients and have a high level of responsiveness. We meet your communication needs, and are available via email, phone, chat, postal mail, and website form.

Sydney – a bit hectic, but truly unique

We love Sydney. Sydney is not only the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities – it is also the most populous city. Sydney is known for its Opera House with its distinctive sails, the arched Harbour Bridge, and the esteemed Royal Botanic Garden.

Sydney is diverse and colourful, full of life and innovation. It’s perfect for us! As a thriving business always seeking new connections and expanding our network, we feel that this mega-hub is suited to our needs and goals.

Sydney is very multicultural, and home to people from all over the world. Countless languages are spoken, including German, and the need for translation and interpretation services is ever-present.

AGT: Professional and NAATI translation services in Sydney

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