There are Several ways the German Greetings for ‘Hello’ are used. 9 of these are Described Below:

German Greetings

1. Hallo:

‘Hallo’ is a friendly German greeting and can be used in either a formal or informal situation.

2. Guten Tag

‘Guten Tag’ is a more formal greeting for hello, but it comes in different forms depending on the time of day. So, if it’s before noon, you say ‘Guten Morgen;’ from midday to 6 pm say ‘Guten Tag’ and after 6 pm until bedtime say ‘Guten Abend.’

3. Alles klar

‘Alles klar’ is hello in German slang. It means literally ‘all clear’ and is a greeting commonly used by younger people as a greeting when they come together for some reason or another.

4. Was ist los?

‘Was ist los?’ means ‘what’s up?’ Like ‘alles klar’ it is a statement used when seeing someone.

5. Wie Geht es dir?

‘Wie geht es dir?’ in English means ‘How’s it going?’ This is again an endearing greeting used by people when they see each other. This is the more informal form while ‘wie geht es Ihnen?’ is the more formal. ‘Wie geht’s?’ is sometimes used as well as one of the German greetings.

6. Grüß Gott!

Grüß Gott! is a hello in German slang expression that is used in Bavaria and Austria. It means “greetings from God” and is considered to be a very formal way of saying hello. The older generation often prefer to use ‘Grüß dich!’, which is less formal.

7.  Servus

‘Servus’ is used as a German greeting, meaning “at your service”.

8. Moin!

‘Moin!’ meaning “Hi!” or hello in German slang, is commonly heard around Hamburg and is used at any time of the day.

9. Na

‘Na’ means Hi or hello in German slang is another regional gesture and is commonly used in the North and people from Austria, Southern Germany and Switzerland.

Now that you have seen hello in German slang, there is also ‘Tschüss,’ which means “Goodbye” that also needs to be mentioned. Also, ‘Ciao,’ which has its origins in Italian, is also commonly used in Germany, as well as throughout other countries in Europe.

‘Auf Wiedersehen’ is also commonly heard and literally means “see you again.’’ However, it is rather informal and there are more informal ways of saying goodbye such as ‘Bis bald’ which means “see you soon.” It is an informal and friendly way of saying goodbye.