If you believe that your product will sell in Germany, but it originates in a country with a different language you will need to get all the product information translated so that it reaches your potential customers. Using AdWords is a way of advertising products but these need to be in the language of your expected customer so in the case of your potential customers in Germany, the German Language should be targeted first. .

German Language Countries

By doing this you are not only reaching out to customers in Germany but all the other German speaking countries throughout the world

Choose German as your Targeted Language with AdWords

If you set up a campaign using AdWords targeted at the German Language, with German keywords and ads, your German customers’ interface language is likely to be German, so your products’ ads will show up when your potential customers use the keywords you have inputted into your AdWords.  However, you have to consider that if your customers do their searches in German but their Google interface language settings are set in English, your ads will not show up. To solve this problem you will need to target as many countries and languages as possible.

Targeting all Languages on the Search Net

If you target all languages you will be reaching out to those people who are able to speak more than a single language. Let’s say somebody speaks both English and German but they set their Google interface to German, it’s possible that the individual may search for a product in English, such as “buy hat online.” If your campaign has English keywords that target the English language, that individual would not be able to view your ad so it’s vital to target all languages so that you make contact with all likely customers.

German Speakers are not Just Found in Germany

Those who speak the German language originate from more countries than just Germany. They include Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy which is the province of South Tyrol/Alto Adige, some parts of Slovakia and Brazil.  There are also sizable minorities who speak German, such as the 500,000 in Russia and 180,000 in Kazakhstan. Some of the German spoken in these areas are based on German dialects which were spoken way back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. So residents of German language countries are great for targeting, as they amount to quite a large number of potential customers.