Think about a Bavarian drinking a beer who is very somber and is never late for anything put together with a young surfer who had a Vegemite breakfast while lying on a beach.

When it comes to Germany vs Australia the weather in Germany is never nice, but in Australia, there is never a wet day. When talking about Australia, everyone is supposed to be great at surfing, Australia is the land of opportunity

Germany vs Australia

Check your next-door neighbor in the country and you would invariably find that he or she never surf and never will. Germany vs Australia lifestyle: Germans are supposed to be strict, somber, and rule-based, while Australians are less under stress and more laid back.

Stereotypes can be found all over the world. Most of the time, they are untrue, while many people who experience stereotyping spend a lot of their time trying to dispel the myth.

Other Differences Between Germany And Australia

  • The language.
  • Cash is King in Germany when you go out for a restaurant meal or an EU debit card.
  • It is easy to pay separately for a meal when in a group in Germany but in Australia, the patrons have to figure out who owes what when the bill is dropped on the table.
  • Leaving a tip on the table is considered rude in Germany but not in Australia,
  • Germany’s prices are lower than Australia’s by far.
  • Recycling is commonplace in Germany by putting different types of waste in different bins but in Australia, all the recycled waste is thrown in together.
  • Jaywalking is completely verboten in Germany but acceptable in Australia. No one in Australia is bothered if you cross the road when the lights are red.
  • In Germany, you don’t walk in a bike lane as you may get run over. And the most notable sound is that of the bike bell.
  • The lawful drinking age in Australia is 18 years for all types of alcohol but in Germany 16 is the drinking age for a beer while 18 is for hard liquor.
  • Nothing is better than German food when it comes to Germany vs Australia.
  • There is simply nothing more Australian than a BBQ. For Germans, the grilling season rivals the Australians’ BBQing.
  • When it comes to punctuality, the Germans are always on time while the Australians don’t see anything wrong with being 20 minutes late.

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