If you have been accepted for a job in Australia before you are permitted to take up the position you will need to apply for the relevant visa that fits your skill category. You may even be on a short-term working holiday visa, but you have now been offered a permanent job with either your current employer or someone else. If you usually live in Germany you will need to have any documents that you will need to facilitate your entry into Australia translated into English from German. There are certain tips on translating visa documents you need to follow before submitting your key documents with immigration & visa translations’ services.

Tips for German Visa Documents Translation

Tips for German Visa Documents Translation:

  1. The first tip is, don’t do the translation yourself, as the Department of Immigration and Border Control will not accept translations that have been done by the applicant. You are probably fluent in English but this doesn’t give the right to translate your documents yourself. It is an Australian Federal government requires that all required have to be accurately translated by a NAATI accredited German to English translator. NAATI stands for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd. Translators who wish to translate documents for government agencies in Australia ensure they have gone through the NAATI certification process.

2. The second tip is ensuring you have all documents about yourself at hand just in case you are required to submit them in English.

The sorts of Documents that are Useful for  Australian Immigration Entry Requirements

The Department of Immigration and Border Control may ask for other documents that they believe are relevant to your application

3. The third tip applies to anyone who is using a de facto partnership to gain permanent residency in Australia.

If German is your native language but you are filing a residence permit application based on a de-facto relationship with an Australian resident or citizen you may be asked to provide further documents which will need to be in English. You will have to furnish proof that your relationship has been ongoing for at the least 12 months. You may need to provide a statutory declaration to prove this status. It is important to use a German English translator to help with understanding the requirements before any documents are submitted.

4. The final tip is to ensure that whoever you choose to do your immigration & visa translations are prepared to sign the translation and write a statement to say the translation is correct.