Translation businesses, both small and large, provide language pair translation services to businesses throughout the world so that they can attain their marketing objectives. More and more countries are becoming increasingly active on the international market so there is an increase in demand for language pair translation.

Popular Language Pairs

Russia, India, China, and Brazil have gained more in terms of their overseas trade than other countries. These countries combined makeup 40 percent of the global population. There are other languages that are becoming more prevalent internationally and these include Hindi and Portuguese.

Language pair meaning refers to two languages that are paired so that they can be translated. The term pair is used as this is the way a translation takes place and that’s between two languages or a language pair. There is no such thing as language pair translation without two languages present that need to be translated.

A Study Organised by the Common Sense Advisory Found that the Top 10 Most Demanded Language Pairs Translation are as Follows:

  • English to German
  • English to Spanish
  • English to Chinese
  • English to French
  • English to Russian
  • English to Portuguese
  • English to Japanese
  • English to Arabic
  • English to Italian
  • Spanish to Portuguese

Language Pairs Translation

French speakers are widespread, so this language, when part of a language paired with English, is valuable as a business language. Japan has a high ranking in the world and takes 3rd place for the size of its economy. It leads in the car construction industry and in high technology as well. Its business links span the world so the English to Japanese language pair translation is important. Arabic is important to business, as there are 300 million people speaking this language covering 23 countries and many are oil-rich countries.

If you own or manage a business and are seeking to spread your business into the overseas market it’s best to concentrate on translating into languages that are likely to attract customers. If you choose an invalid translation language pair, then ultimately you can’t expect a response from as many customers as choosing a language from the top 10.