One of the requirements for entering Australia if you are a foreign traveler out of a list of documents required for an Australian student visa is a valid passport and a valid visa. If you are coming to the country as a foreign student you must ensure you obtain a visa that matches the course you intend to study. If you are lucky it may only take 24 hours for the Australia student visa processing time, but if you haven’t met all the requirements it may take quite a bit longer.

Student Visa to Australia Checklist

On the Australian student visa checklist, you must ensure you have a formal acceptance from one of Australia’s education facilities. This means being accepted into a course that is seen as acceptable by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Once you have been accepted and enrolled, the institution will issue an electronic confirmation of the enrolment certificate which needs to be included in the application for a student visa. The time is taken to processing time the acceptance and the enrolment depends on the school.

Application For Student Visa

Course Which is Acceptable

The student visas in Australia are divided into different educational subclasses. These subclasses consist of

  • Independent English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS),
  • secondary and primary schools with approved exchange programs,
  • vocational training and education,
  • higher education,
  • postgraduate research,
  • non-award,
  • AusAid for Australian Government-sponsored students.

Key Requirements

On the financial side of things, students are required to prove that they have the money to pay for all of their travel, living costs, and tuition while living in Australia.

Applicants for student visas must also have never breached immigration laws and they must pass an English language examination if the visa is needed for the particular course of study.

Standard Requirements

The standard requirements which are being of good character, in good health, and possessing a health insurance policy through the Overseas Student Health Cover if not met could lead to Australian student visa rejection reasons. As well as these requirements the student must not owe any money to the Commonwealth of Australia and accommodation must be arranged in advance of arrival in the country.

The Australian student visa processing time is dependent upon the applicant’s speed at meeting the requirements. Now I think you completely know how long does it take to get a student visa for Australia.

How Long it Takes to Process an Australian Student Visa

The only visa that is easy to apply for in Australia is the 3-month tourist visa, which can be done online. All other visa applications, whether they are for education, employment, business, or permanent residence, take several weeks to process and cost quite a bit, too.

The best way to reduce the time taken for processing a 500 student visa, for example, is to make sure that you understand exactly what is required. There are many documents that you need to submit. If your native language is not English you will need to translate them into English before submitting them, preferably by a reputable translation agency. Every translated document also needs to be certified by the translator who has had the job of translating it.

Most student visa immigration agents advise that you start your visa process the earlier the better. There is no hard and fast time for the student visa processing period, but if you allow at least 12 weeks and know what you have to do, then you have a good chance of having your visa granted by the time your course starts.

Just to give you an Idea of the Processing time for a 500 Australian Student Visa, here are some Examples

  • An applicant who wishes to go to school in Australia takes between 6 to 11 weeks for their visa to be processed.
  • An applicant for the non Award educational sector tends to have their visa processed a little earlier, between 6 and 22 days!
  • A postgraduate student’s 500 visas could take between 7 and 11 weeks.
  • A VET (Vocational Education and Training sector) student takes the longest on average, with a processing time anywhere between 9 and 12 weeks.

Note that those longer times are when 90% of student visa applicants have their visas processed. That means that 10% have yet to have their visa processed by that time. Usually, that is because the student applicants have forgotten to include a document or two or have forgotten to have a document correctly translated.