Migration to Australia

Moving to Australia Checklist

Australia is the land of opportunity. Did you know that Australia is second in the world in terms of quality of living? This is because of a rich, diverse culture, vast educational and career opportunities, and a strong immigrant support system.

Whether you’re looking to advance your studies or career, move in with your loved ones, or start a new chapter of your life in a peaceful and immigrant-friendly country, Australia may have just what you’re looking for. For most people, it’s not an easy journey though.

Here’s our Moving/Migrate to Australia Checklist with 10 Tips on what to consider when migrating to Australia:

1. Research Suitable Visas

You must have a valid visa to enter Australia, there is no way around it. Can you migrate to Australia? In summary, there is a skilled, family, and a humanitarian visa stream. Your move to Australia will depend on whether you are eligible for one or several visa classes within these streams.

2. Use a Good Migration Agent

It is possible to organise your visa affairs yourself, but it can be tricky. The use of an experienced migration agent with excellent reference is money well spent. Make sure the agent is an RMA (Registered Migration Agent).

3. Bring Your Savings

Your move to Australia will be more expensive than you think. There are a lot of hidden costs you don’t expect, plus you may not find employment straight away. Make sure you can get by for at least six months without earning money.

4. Get Your Documents Translated

At some point, you will need NAATI-certified translations of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver licence, education and employment certificates. It’s most economical to get them all translated in one go after your arrival.

5. Expect Frustration

In the beginning, everything will be very exciting, but with time, you will get frustrated by cultural differences and adaptation problems. Stay positive and rest assured that most immigrants feel the same. There are hurdles to overcome but it’s worth it: Hang in there!

6. Be Patient

Everything will take longer than you expected: finding work, making friends, understanding the culture. We’re talking years, not months, so be patient. It may help to create a support network. For example, if you have played volleyball at home, why not join a club here?

7. Understand Conflict Avoidance

Australians like to avoid open conflict and rather walk away from a conflict than deal with it. If you come from a culture where this is handled differently, you could put yourself into difficult situations. Just keep this underlying cultural value in mind. Australians are known for their relaxed and laid-back attitude and this is a great trait. Learn to enjoy it!

8. Choose Your Location Wisely

Remember, Australia a big country, and living in outback Queensland is vastly different from settling in a big city. Think critically about what you enjoy doing and in what sort of environment you want to live. Most migrants first go to Melbourne or Sydney due to their diversity and employment opportunities.

9. Ditch the Old Stuff

Unless you have a truckload of valuable antiques, bringing your furniture is usually not a good idea. You can buy everything here, plus shipping costs are high and items might get damaged. We recommend you just come with a few suitcases and start from scratch.

10. Network and Communicate

There are a lot of social media groups where migrants share their experience and help each other. These channels are very valuable and can be a great aid to overcome typical problems of “new arrivals”.

There’s no easy way to migrate to Australia, but it is possible. We hope our moving to Australia checklist will be of help to you. Enjoy the ride!

Information about Australia

  • Capital: Canberra
  • System of Government: Federal Parliamentary
  • Current Prime Minister: Malcolm Turnbull
  • Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Population: approx. 24,184,100
  • Land mass: 7,692,024 sq. km.
  • Ethnicities: 90% Caucasian, 3% Native Australian, 7% Asian
  • Languages: English (majority), Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, Greek
  • Human Development Index (HDI): 0.935

 Cities in Australia

  • Sydney (State capital)
  • Albury
  • Armidale
  • Bathurst
  • Blue Mountains
  • Broken Hill
  • Campbelltown
  • Cessnock
  • Dubbo
  • Goulburn
  • Grafton
  • Lithgow
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Orange
  • Parramatta
  • Penrith
  • Queanbeyan
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