A birth certificate is an important document and is often needed for a number of reasons. It may be required to confirm your identity, age and birthplace for such things as an application for citizenship, for marriage purposes, study or employment.About Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate Format

Birth certificates don’t necessarily have the same format in different countries, but most do provide information about the names and professions of the father and mother as well as the certificate holder’s gender, the place he or she was born and the birth date. In fact, a birth certificate is packed with a surprisingly large amount of information!

If you Lose your Birth Certificate

It’s not unusual for birth certificates to be lost when people move from place to place as even though they are important documents they aren’t used usually on a daily basis. If you do lose a birth certificate a few dollars will normally buy you a duplicate one.

Passport as a Substitute of a Birth Certificate

A passport issued to you by your country’s government can often be used as a substitute for a birth certificate because it contains some important identifying information. However, if you intend to move to another country for work or settlement purposes your birth certificate is of little use unless you get it translated first.

Birth Certificate Translation

Translation services are used to translating birth certificates because so many people these days wish to work in countries other their own. The majority of translation services typically provide, on demand, a birth certificate translation service. A birth certificate translation is in general mandatory for employment and resident visas in most countries.

In a few countries, if you wish to access key government services, this may be entirely dependent on producing a readable birth certificate. If the birth certificate is written in a language that’s different from the host country’s language it will be necessary to get it translated before it can be used. This means a complete translation of all the texts found on the birth certificate, including that on seals and watermarks.

In some countries such as Australia, a translation of a birth certificate can only be undertaken by a NAATI qualified and accredited translator. The translator has to be competent enough to be able to sign to say that the translation is accurate. Most Australian translation services will probably charge a standard fee for documents such as birth certificates and other common legal documents like marriage and death certificates.

You always want to be sure that the translation you receive won’t get rejected by the organisation or agency you intend to send it to. This delays the whole process and you may even need to find a better translator for your birth certificate.