If a member of your family lost his or her life outside Australia and you intend to migrate to the country you may be asked to provide a death certificate if you were married to the now deceased person. This is typically important if you took the name of this person and haven’t reverted back to your original name. However, if the death certificate is in a language other than English you will need to get an official death certificate translation in Australia of the document before it is accepted by the Australian immigration department.

Death certificate

Australian Death Certificate Translation Process

Australia is a little different from other countries like the United States as government departments who need documents to be translated into English will only accept translations done by a translator who has been given the approval to do translations by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

This is a highly esteemed authority and requires translators and interpreters to undertake a stringent test before they are approved to undertake translations for official organisations like the Federal Court, the Universities throughout the country and the immigration department. NAATI ensures that translators have proven their ability to undertake translations in their areas of specialisation. This gives peace of mind to all those involved with the expectation that any translators will have created an indisputable translation. This applies to death certificate translation in Australia as well as all those other official documents that will need translating.

Many Australian translation services who provide death certificate translation offer to certify their translations. Each translation will be accompanied by the NAATI stamp and will be fully accepted by every government body both within Australia and overseas.

An experienced translation services will have provided death certificate translations undertaken by NAATI certified translators for many years and will normally offer some delivery options that could be at a minimum 4 hours and a maximum 4 days. If you are seeking this service you will have to organise a due date with the NAATI death certificate translator as soon as possible so you can be assured your deadline can be met to submit the translation.