There is a great variety in the types of translation services available on a global basis. They could be anything from the localizing of software, making a website global, medical translations and multimedia localization, which includes photos, videos and more. There are also translators who typically specialize in technical translations.

Translation Services

If you are seeking to build a relationship with a translation company you will need to look around until you find one that can undertake types of translation in English that corresponds to your requirements.  The translation company you finally choose must adhere to a translation process that is right for your translation requirements.

Once you have established a suitable relationship that fits the different types of translation you need it will help you a lot in the long term. The translator will be able to save a lot of time and you a lot of money especially if you have a constant flow of text you need to be translated. This is because a glossary can be kept so that when you have presented a number of text documents for translation certain repetitive words and phrases related to your business can be kept in a digital glossary. The translator can take any relevant information from the glossary as the need arises. This makes the translated content across the range of documents look consistent in terms of style, tone and use of vocabulary.

Technical translations are one of the many different types of translations. They can be anything from technical documents about a product, online help, training and instruction materials as well as technical material for the marketing of products and videos. There are a variety of industries which may need these sorts of translations such as science, engineering or manufacturing.

What you should do before Sending your Technical Texts for Translation

If you require technical translations you will already know about the different types of translation services and you will have chosen one which best suits your requirements. However, you can save money and simplify the translation process for your chosen technical translation service by preparing your documents in advance. Most technical translations need to be prepared by your desktop publisher which involves formatting your content correctly.

You may also need to use different screenshots and graphics if you are translating your technical information into another language. You need to put all the info together so that’s it easily usable by your translator. Common methods are using PDF documents or eBooks. If you have organized your technical translation requirements well, this will save you time and money.

All the above information applies to all types of translation in English, whether it’s your web pages, a medical translation or the localising of multimedia you have available to your normal customer base.