You might be surprised to know that a survey into translation requirements found that 20 percent of all translation inquiries are about translating documents into the German language.

document translationThe questions commonly used are “Can you do a translation from English to German quickly?  Or a link is given to a website that a business wants to be translated completely into German. This in itself shows that there is a German market waiting out there looking for information about products in their own language. One language translation company reported translating in excess of  5 million words into the German language in 2014. The sorts of documents in the German language that were required included legal translations, product marketing translations, technical instructions, medical translations and a particularly popular one was translations for the tool and automotive industry.

Many studies carried out in the United States and Europe discovered that when consumers seek out information using the Internet or want to buy a product they home in on websites that are written in their own native tongue. Four countries in Europe which have the highest purchasing potential are Belgium, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The last 3 have German as one of their native languages. German also has a whopping 110 million speakers of its language in Europe alone. The German economy rides high over other countries in Europe, offering an even greater reason to translate important documents in the German Language.

Most translation services that handle translations into the German language know how to adapt the translations to suit different German markets. They also have an in-depth knowledge of English German terminology which needs to be used for different translation projects.  This applies to legal translations, medical translations, product marketing translations and all the different product manuals used to accompany products. Most companies stand out because of their use of precise terminology which allows them to be recognized by potential customers. Good English German translation services will have this terminology at its fingertips and will remember to use it when the company puts in a translation order.

Proofreading is essential when translating English to German text, as Germans are fussy about correctness and they won’t tolerate a translation into their own language if it’s riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.