Translation Client Testimonials

Here’s a range of client testimonials that we obtained during the translation fulfilment process. All of the information provided here has been approved by the relevant client and only published with their explicit consent.

Thanks a lot for your fast service when translating the death certificate of my father. Everything else took me a long time, and I appreciate your quick turnaround. Also many thanks for explaining to me the why you translated Köln as Cologne.

Sonja (32), Sydney

Thanks, I am very impressed by the quality of your translation. I think my [employment] reference sounds much nicer in English than the original in German. I will definitely recommend you. Greetings from Perth.

Ivonne (25), Perth

Dear Aussie German Translation team. My kindest regards to the professional and efficient project managers in your business who tried to accommodate all of my requests. I am pleased to leave you a reference, and shall the situation arise that I need further documents translated, I will contact you again.

Hans-Peter (56), Brisbane

G’day and thanks for the translation. It arrived today. I am really glad you could post me the driver licence with express postage, it only took one day to arrive, awesome guys!!! I have rented my jeep and will continue my travels. Good work.

Ben (19), Wollongong

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Aussie German Translators team. Thanks to you I could submit my university documents as well as my employment references on time. I have some further documents that may need translations and I will order with you again.

Miriam (34), Cairns

Ben contacted us in June 2015 and needed his driver licence for a trip through Queensland and the Northern Territory. Ben contacted us in late 2015 again for the translation of a police check. He told us that he had a great time in Australia and plans to come back.

Hans-Peter asked us to translate numerous personal documents including birth and marriage certificates, employment references, transcripts, and course attendance certificates. He is originally from Munich and migrated to Brisbane with his wife and two children.

Ivonne came to Australia as a backpacker, but after falling in love with an Australian man, decided to stay. She told us that they have plans to marry, and we wish her and her partner all the best!

Miriam decided to live in tropical Cairns after finishing her studies in Berlin. When she approached us, she was looking for employment. We hope that she has found her dreamjob!

Sonja faced some challenging personal circumstances when she contacted us for the translation of her documents. She is now living in both Sydney and Cologne, but plans to move to Sydney permanently.

We also have a range of case studies available for your review. You can find them on these sections of our website:
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