Once you have decided on moving to Germany you will need a moving to Germany checklist. Depending on which country you currently live in the requirements when relocating to Germany may not be quite the same.

Moving To Germany? Check below for some ideas:

Things Consider When Moving to Germany

  • German work permit;
  • Travel opportunities to get to Germany;
  • Taxation in Germany;
  • How many of your household possessions will you take with you;
  • Finding a new home in Germany;
  • Registering in Germany;
  • Bank account options in Germany;
  • Applying for a long-term residence permit;
  • Consider the effect of moving to Germany on your children;
  • How to get a driving license on arrival in Germany;
  • How work permits are issued for Germany.

Unless you are an EU citizen, it’s not that easy to get a German working visa for moving to Germany.

Translating Your Key Documents

Any documents you will need to provide before being considered for a move to Germany like degree certificates, birth and marriage certificates will have to be translated into German by a reputable translation services before they will be accepted.

The German Bluecard

If you have been offered a job with a value of no less than EUR 50,800 annually you may be able to get a Bluecard. This amount does change from year to year.

The Bluecard isn’t the only possibility, as there are opportunities for refugees if the right process is followed.

The Process For Applying For A German Work Permit

This has to be started at your country of residence via the German embassy or consulate.

Health Insurance in Germany

Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. To begin with, when first relocating to Germany, you will have to get health insurance cover for just a little more than 3 months. Once your job has commenced, you will be covered by Germany’s healthcare system through private or public insurance. If you would prefer private insurance you will need to discuss your requirements with a German insurance provider as soon as your moving to Germany requirements have been met.

Documents Required For German Work Permits

If you intend to file an application for a Bluecard, you will need to check the suitability of your qualifications which can be done by visiting the anabin database. If you can’t find your specific qualifications on the database, you will have to pay EUR 200 for an evaluation of your qualifications. This can take up to two weeks to complete.

It takes about 2 to 4 weeks to process a Bluecard application before moving to Germany, but longer for other types of visas, This is because the ZAV is involved which is the authority that is part of the Federal Employment Office which is responsible for checking to see if there is a suitably qualified German available to do the job you have been offered.

Travelling to Germany

If your visa application is one of the successful ones you can start moving to Germany and you will be given a 90-day business visa allowing you to begin your job.