Conferences offer a host of rewards to translators who make the effort to attend them. Advantages of attending a translation conference in 2019

There are good reasons for attending a translation conference. One of the main ones is being given the opportunity to pick up new knowledge from the conference speakers and the workshops offered throughout the event. Conferences are also great places for networking and meeting both fellow translators and contacts who could end up becoming clients. Freelance translators need something to motivate them and this is what attending a conference does. 

Translation & Localization Conferences

2019 Translation & Localization Conferences

Every year, hundreds of language industry events take place. They range from highly focused workshops to massive conferences. 

2019 Translation Conferences

There are some conferences that have already finished for this year:

  • GALA 2019 which was an event that brought together the global content delivery community to enable it to explore “The Changing Role of the Human Being in an AI-driven Language Service Industry.” It took place in Munich, Germany between 24 and 27th March 2019. 
  • Later that month was the tenth Annual International Translation Conference which was held to challenge established thinking. It took place in Doha, Qatar from the26th-27th March 2019. 
  • The TLC 2019 which took place in Warsaw, Poland from 29th to 30th March 2019 was the annual translation and localization event that looks at any of the most current industry developments.
  • MadWorld 2019 was the go-to conference arranged for specialists in technical communications who previewed innovative technologies. It took place in San Diego, California, USA, between 14thand 17thApril 2019. 
  • EUATC 2019 took place later in April and is a popular language industry event which focused on modernisation and globalization. It took place in Tallinn, Estonia between 25th and 26th April 2019. 
  • ALC 2019 is the business-focused translation conference that examined federal policy and regulatory issues in relation to the translation industry. It took place in Washington, DC, USA, between the 1st and the 4th May 2019. 
  • 2019 STC Technical Communication Expo and Summit specialised in technical communication education and networking which formed the cornerstone of the event. It took place in Denver, Colorado, USA between the 5th and 8th May 2019.
  • 2019 Ciuti conference: bridging the divide between theory and practice:

Innovative Research and Training Strategies in Translation and Interpreting Studies.

This took place at Monash University, Caulfield Campus from the 3rd – 5th June 2019.

  • LocWorld40 took place in Estoril, Portugal between 11th and 13th June and its specific emphasis was on globalisation and business. This event is typically well suited for anyone looking for networking opportunities. 
  • ATA60 which takes place later in the year is popular with many language industry professionals from throughout the world. Attending ATA60 is considered to be an important investment in translation careers. It takes place between 23rd and 26th October 2019 in Palm Springs, California, USA.
  • AUSIT National Conference 2019 

Takes place between 18th and 19th October 2019 in Hobart, Tasmania. The theme of the conference is: The world of interpreters and translators and interpreters and translators in the world.