After a translation project has been completed it has to be proofread. This is a necessary part of the translation process. It is crucial that the translation is completely free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before it’s handed back to the client.

Translation Proofreading

Most people would think that as long as you don’t lose concentration when proofreading that it’s an easy task.There is a bit more to proofreading than you may think as it needs patience, skill and multi-tasking in order to complete a successful proofread.

Proofreading can be a complex job that requires not just a varied and wide set of skills but it also requires the ability to decide what words should be deleted and replaced with more appropriate words and what should be left in place. These sorts of problems arise when proofreading a text that someone else has written where the style is specific to that author. This is one of many challenges of proofreading.

One of the main problems which commonly occurs is with a German proof reader is when there is a situation where there are a number of plausible options. If the mistake is clearly visible whether it’s grammar or spelling, the solution to this is usually quite straightforward. However, when the German proofreader is challenged with making a choice based on a stylistic issue, the decision to select the best choice of words has to be made which you will know will suit the client and the genre of the text.

Challenges of Proofreading

To ensure preciseness in proofreading it’s necessary to use suitable techniques as follows:

  • Read through the text to get the gist of the style
  • Make sure you know what referencing style is being used so you can check for consistency
  • Go back to the start of the text and correct spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes
  • Read through the text to ensure it’s a smooth, flowing document with content that has no ambiguities and provides an easily understandable message.

If you start off as an amateur German proofreader you will after a while pick up the necessary skills which will enable you to get a good monetary return for your effort.