For translation services, both small and large, the translation process involves understanding a number of simple translation tips.

The first tip is that once you have been allocated the job, even though you already know how to translate well, you still have to review all the files and documents in order to plan an approach to the translation.

Tips Interpreters and Translators to Provide Quality Translations

When it comes to the second tip you should be quite sure that you are comfortable with the subject matter. Sometimes, it’s more important to admit that you, as a translator, don’t feel competent to take on a translation project because of the subject matter. Otherwise, a lot of work time is lost trying to get accustomed to the terminology and style of writing. This often happens with legal and technical translations as the language is quite specific and doesn’t necessarily mean, even if you know how to be a good translator, that you have the experience and knowledge to undertake an effective and accurate translation.

How Translators and Interpreters Can Provide Quality Translation

The third tip is ensuring you are familiar with the file format used for the translation. Your translation company should send the translation project in a file format you understand and is easy to work with for translation purposes and has a translation memory. The CAT tool specified by your client should remain the same. If you alter it then the project manager will have to spend time reformatting it before it’s sent onto the client. This is not a good way to prove how to be a good translator.

The fourth tip is to make sure you use all the reference materials available, the style guides, the glossaries and the terminology databases. You should always study any glossary that has been included in the translation project. If a database has been sent by the client you should use it and if it has been sent as a simple excel file, you should know that all tools are able to import this type of format into a CAT tool and the CSV can in a matter of seconds create a glossary file. It is vital that your translation is consistent with the style and terminology of any previous jobs.

One off translation clients aren’t that common, so you need to showcase how to be a good translator and how to translate well if you want to succeed as a translator.