When a project manager or localization manager works in the translation industry, it is vital that before a translation project is delivered a review checklist needs to be followed which helps to ensure the translation is of high. Today these checklists are freely available online.

Free Ultimate Quality Checklist

Example of a Checklist

What is the Aim of Translation? 

● Is it to persuade?
● Does it need to be legally binding?
● Is its aim to inform?

Who is the Targeted Audience?

● What is their reading level?
● What is their ethnicity?
● What is their background?
● What is their language/location?

Further Features that need to be Checked before Releasing the Translation to the Client

● Has the targeted language been agreed upon?
● Are there any support documents and reference materials that can be made available?
● Is a product sample referred to in the source document?
● Are there photographs or screenshots available of the product available??
● Are there any parallel texts in the source language, such as company literature? Be sure to supply the vendor with the text.
● Are there any similar words which have already been translated into the targeted language?
● Are time and date formats correct for the targeted language?
● If a currency is used does it fit the targeted language?
● If units of measurements are used are they correct for the targeted audience?
● What’s the timeline for the project?
● Are there any confidentiality or copyright concerns?

Main Considerations after the Translation

A thorough proofread by a new set of eyes helps to ensure a correct translation when certain features of the translation are considered. These include:

● Correcting spelling mistakes
● Correcting grammatical mistakes
● Correcting omissions
● Checking verb agreements
● Correcting punctuation errors
● Ensuring idioms and colloquialisms are translated correctly
● Checking false cognates
● Ensuring the context is right
● Eliminating any offensive terminology
● Ensuring cross-cultural references are not mismatches
● Linguistic patterns need to be correct
● Are any industry-specific terms used accurate?
● The formatting needs to be correct such as:
● Size of font
● The font used is consistent throughout the translation
● Line spacing is consistent
● Colour if used won’t offend the targeted audience
● Translating of proper nouns makes sense
● Currency if used matches that used by the targeted audience
● Measurements if used matches that used by the targeted audience
● Does the translation display well?
● If graphics have been used are they in the correct position in relation to the text?

Final Checklist for the Translation Product

● Ensure the client’s instructions have been followed.

● Make a back-up copy for the final draft, including fonts, the design files, and the second language fonts.