A payslip is a document provided by an employer to an employee which shows the person’s salary. It includes any deductions and bonuses which are applicable in a specific period. Sometimes a payslip is issued on a weekly basis and sometimes monthly.

Understanding Pay Slip Translations

Pay Slip Translation

If you are in the process of immigrating to a country, you may be asked for a payslip translation if the payslip is not written in the language of your host country. A payslip translation is often used by prospective immigrants of proof-of-income or to show proof of previous employment. In fact, there are some countries which will only approve an applicant for immigration if s/he can prove that they are capable of earning a specific annual income or more.

Some applicants look at their payslips and they just appear as a set of dates and numbers and cannot see how they can provide any real proof of employment. Experienced pay slip translators know how to translate payslips so that the recipient can get a clear understanding of the contents of the payslip.

How Long Does a Payslip Translation Take?

A payslip translation that provides evidence of a salary may be translated quickly, depending on how many pages there are that need translating. This could be several if a lot of salary statements are provided. Sometimes an extract translation of the payslip is possible, which reveals certain information that is required. The payslip translation is normally provided as an electronic copy which is certified.

Typical Reasons for a Payslip Translation Include:

  • For a loan application
  • For a visa application
  • For an international adoption
  • Frequently, one or various payslips must be submitted to apply for loans, to rent a property and for any transaction which requires proof of income

What does the Payslip Translator Require?

The translator does not necessarily require the original payslip(s) but a clear image of the payslip is sufficient. If a sworn translation of the payslip is required normally a scanned copy of the payslip or a PDF if the employer distributes payslips electronically. 

If many payslips need translating the first one will cost the most as the rest will have a similar content when only the date needs to be changed or different figures used if a change in salary has taken place. Because a payslip is typically a small document the price of a sworn translation attracts a relatively small cost. 

Confidentiality in a Payslip Translation

As with all online translations, confidentiality is essential to protect the client but with a payslip translation, this is even more important. Payslips sometimes contain confidential information about both the employer and employee so it is important that the translation services and the translator keep original payslips, payslip translations and sworn pay slip translations out of view off desktops so they are not accidentally shared with anyone else. Translation services typically use encryption software so that if a payslip is sent using electronic means it will not be able to get into the wrong hands via the internet.

When is it Necessary to Provide a Payslip Sworn Translation?

A sworn translation of a payslip is typically required when submitting an application for a visa for any countries which require that all applicants prove that they a specific level of income has been earned. This formality does not normally apply to tourist visas but is more applicable when related to visas for temporary residence purposes or for immigration. 

Similarly, a sworn translation of a payslip is regularly required when an international adoption application is filed. It shows the applicant’s income level. International adoption applications also often request sworn translations of other official documents like a family record book, birth certificates and passports.

How Long Does a Payslip Sworn Translation Take?

Typically, a payslip translation will be ready between 48-72 hours from when the translator receives the original document. If it a sworn translation is required it may take a little longer because each translation has to be stamped then the sworn translator’s signature is applied. A sworn translation cannot be sent using electronic means but has to be dispatched using courier door to door services.

What to Look for When Choosing your Payslip Translator

There are some key features you should consider when choosing your payslip translation services. 

These are as follows:

  • Availability of a professional payslip translator and a project manager;
  • Proof that the translator has a 100% rate of translation acceptance; 
  • Testimonials available from satisfied clients;
  • Offers a convenient online confidential service;
  • Offers easy payment options.