All births that take place in Germany need to be registered within 7 days of the baby being born.

German Birth Certificate

There are a number of people who are permitted to do this who are:

●The midwife who delivered the baby
●The mother who gave birth to the baby
● The father if he shares legal custody
● A doctor who was if he or she observed the birth

When you register the birth the documents you are required to present certain documents before registration can take place which should include:

● Passports for both parents
● Birth certificate of both parents which must be translated into German if they are in another language
● If the parents are not married a declaration establishing paternity needs to be provided
● Proof of parents’ qualifications if they have a master’s degree or higher and they want them to put on their baby’s birth certificate
● The parents’ marriage certificate which needs to be translated into German if it’s in another language

You must make sure you have translations of all the required documents including your birth certificate translation.

When you are registering the birth all the documents you provide will be checked and the officer will provide you with a confirmation of the birth which you must keep.  You will also be asked whether you want more than one copy of the birth certificate. It’s a good idea to accept this offer as you can store them in a safe place for later use.

If you are a citizen of the EU your embassy may be prepared to provide international versions of your key documents so you won’t need to get them translated by a professional translator and get a birth certificate translation.

How Long Does it Take to Get Baby’s Birth Certificate?

It normally takes around 14 days for your baby’s birth certificate to be prepared.

What You Will Receive

When you collect your baby’s birth certificates you will be given 3 at no cost. They are to be used for the following purposes:

  1. Kindergeld
  2. Elterngeld
  3. Health insurance
  4. For religious reasons such as a baptism

Each of the certificates will be appropriately labelled so you know where they should be sent.

The Cost of Your Baby’s Birth Certificates

The price is as follows:

One birth certificate is €10, with extra copies attracting a cost of €5

An international birth certificate will cost you €10, with extra ones costing €5 each. If you possess one of these there will be no need to get a birth certificate translation from German to English at a later date as it will be provided in a variety of languages.