Migration to Australia is not on the cards for now, because of travel restrictions that Australia has imposed to contain the Covid-19 epidemic in that country, but that shouldn’t stop you considering just why Australia has become one of the most sought over destinations for thousands of people who are looking for a new life in a desirable location. This article explores what some of the reasons are that explain Australia’s attraction for migrants.

Migrate to Australia

Excellent Health Outcomes

Of course, the very reason why migration has been put on the backburner at the moment is that Australia is one of the very few countries that have successfully suppressed the virus. There have been only 104 deaths in Australia since the first person was diagnosed with Covid-19 and around 7,500 cases all up, a figure which although not the lowest in the world is certainly relatively low. 

Australia has an excellent health system, largely run by the individual states and territories, but is basically free to all permanent residents and citizens of Australia who hold a Medicare card. Australia has one of the world’s highest life expectancies.

Excellent Education System

Education in Australia is also basically provided by the different state and territory governments with most of the funding coming from the federal government. It is free for all primary and secondary students who attend state schools and subsidised for tertiary education and those students whose parents prefer them to go to private, mostly religious-based schools. The education system in Australia is more holistic than might be the norm in Asian countries as personal values, ethics and sport are a valuable part of the system in combination with the academic curriculum. Many hundreds of thousands of foreign students would normally attend Australian educational institutions each year. This allows foreign students to get a feel for life in Australia and many go on to apply for jobs after their education or training and become migrants.

Sound Economy

Like most other advanced countries, the Australian economy has taken an enormous hit from the pandemic and it is accepted that it will take a few years to recover. However, it is a testament to the basically sound structure of the Australian economy that state and federal governments can provide generous grants and other financial help to keep people and businesses flourishing in exceptional circumstances. Many intending migrants to Australia gain permanent residence because of the skills they have which are in demand in this country. At the same time, migrants are attracted to a country with a high standard of living, protection for workers and relatively high pay on an international comparison basis

Fantastic Weather and Outdoor Lifestyle

Australia is a continent-sized country and has simultaneously just about every climate imaginable from cool Tasmania to tropical north Queensland and the baking central desert. In many parts of the country, there are long stretches of good weather with often endless sunny days and warm to hot temperatures. All this means that Australians have taken to an outside lifestyle which is the envy of many others. Sport, beaches, surfing, swimming, hiking, cycling, camping under the stars in the many beautiful national parks, the wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef, free barbecues and beachside showers everywhere, parks at every corner – these are the outdoor assets that every Australian enjoys and can proudly share with all new migrants.