University degree certificate and diploma certificate translations are often mandatory when you need to present your educational qualifications to secure a visa in a country other than your own. Obviously, if you are an Australian, applying for a student visa or a job in the U.S. or Canada, you don’t need a translation because your certificates will be in English.

Degree Certificate Translations

Check the Translation Requirements Out First

It pays to take a close look at what the requirements are exactly before getting your certificates translated. Many countries have very exacting rules about how the document is translated and who is allowed to do the translating. If you try and take shortcuts you may find that your degree certificate or diploma certificate translations are rejected. By shortcuts is meant trying to do the translation yourself or giving it to a friend to do it who is bilingual. If this happens at a crucial stage of a visa or job application, then you may either go to the back of a queue or even fail to secure the application completely.

Many immigration departments have become very suspicious of false certificates and transcripts so are very particular about verifying that the translated copy is not just accurate but it is indeed a translation of an original certificate or diploma that has been sighted by the translator.

Who Can Translate a Degree Certificate Satisfactorily?

In Australia, all degree certificate translations must be done by a professional translator who is accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (N.A.A.T.I.). As the translator must sight the original and attach a signed confirmation of the fact that the translated version is accurate, this can take some time if you live outside Australia.

In the U.S., the accent is not so much on the qualifications of the translator. The translation cannot be done by the visa applicant or any person who is intending to employ them. It must be accurate and include translations of any watermarks or seals. There must also be an accompanying certificate signed by the degree certificate translator to confirm the accuracy.

All in all, you’d Better take your Degree Certificate Translations Seriously!